The history of the Manual Neurotherapy (MNT)

Manual Neurotherapy by Walter Froneberg

walter_fronebergThe early stages of the Manual Neurotherapy (MNT) by Walter Froneberg were developed in the mid-50s.

The acquired knowledge of a muscle and nerve-massage in connection with osteopathy raised the idea to further expand this kind of work.

The classic techniques of the manual therapy were altered and complemented by specific observation of the movement’s functions in terms of stasis and the motoric innervation of the appropriately assigned muscular system in consideration of the functional body reactions.

The resultant new specific muscle- and nerve massage and the modified mobilization of joints, which remains in the physiological range for protective reasons, are applicable for the varying irritations of the loco motor system.

A very important element is the Nerve Reflex Therapy at the foot (NRT), which is based on the foot reflexology created by Hanne Marquardt, but has been further developed. This therapy has played a part in the concept since the mid 70s.

By this integration the working hypotheses of the model treatment could be widely put on a sound and sweeping basis.