Indications / Contraindications

Examples for symptoms and their effects, that can be treated with MNT / NR:

Vertebrae disorder

  • Lumbago, sciatica
  • Disc prolapse
  • Peroneal paralysis
  • Whiplash injury
  • neck-, shoulder- and arm-complaints (cervicalgia)
  • arm- and leg-obdormition (paresthesias)

Disorder of peripheral joints

  • carpaltunnel syndrome
  • tennis-, golf-, mouseclick-elbow
  • meniscus complaints
  • jointcysts
  • arthrosis
  • endoprosthesis prevention and follow up care

Head area complaints

  • headache (cephalgia); Migraine
  • tinnitus; (sudden deafness
  • glaucoma
  • vertigo

Follow up care after accidents and injuries

  • slow rehabilitation

Sports injury

  • strains, bruises, sprains
  • torn muscle fibre

Organ disorders

  • gastrointestinal disorder: irritable colon; diarrhea; abstipation; haemorrhoids
  • precordial-, respiratory anxiety
  • shingles; intercostal neuralgia
  • pelvic complaints, menstrual cramps
  • bladder-, uterus ectopia
  • organcysts
  • wish to have children
  • libido disorder
  • apoplexy
  • heart attack

Mental state disorder

  • inefficiency
  • lapse of concentration
  • burn out-syndrome
  • stress
  • neuralgia

Treatment of children

  • growing pains
  • puberty advice
  • Scheuermann`s desease
  • scoliosis; rip hump
  • • relief of vertebrae strain after orthodontic treatment!
    (applicable for adults as well!)

Pregnancy advice and follow up care

  • delayed foetal turning
  • descent complaints
  • slow involution
  • postnatal obstipation

Prevention and follow up care after operations



  • acute inflammations at the place of treatment
  • recent surgical scars
  • acute dermatosis
  • tumor within the field of treatment
  • Further possible contraindications are relative and depend on the therapist's experience.

We would like to point out that the Manual Neurotherapy and the Reflex Therapy at the foot are treatments not officially approved or proven by science / orthodox medicine.