Therapeutenliste (NRT)   

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Therapists in Belgium and The Netherlands not listed in the above document can be obtained here:

Dikkebusseweg 140
8900 Ypern
Tel:  00 32 - (0)57 / 33 60 83 en (0)57 / 33 88 55
Fax: 00 32 - (0)57 / 33 50 65

or from

  MNT-NR International®

Albert Kanaalstraat 22
3511 Kuringen
Tel: 00 32 - (0)11 / 25 66 48

Dear patients, dear students,

thanks tot he new administrative program, the list of therapists is finally online. It's more comprehensive and therefore more useful for all involved. Most importantly, it is now possible to enter website and email data.

For a start we transferred all addresses disregarding the time of training or education.

Sadly the list isn't up to date anymore so there could be gaps in the data. To fill these gaps, we would like to ask you to check your data on the list and send us possible changes of address and/or additional info like resignation, change of therapy, etc. via email.

Over the course oft he next updating, we will narrow the entries down to students who have attended a course (first time or repeated) or an advanced training no longer than ten years ago.

We're looking forward to working with you and hope for your response.

Thank you

Dear Therapists,

if you would like to recommend a patient, we kindly ask you to get in touch with the respective therapist beforehand. This ensures that the patient will be treated without trouble according to MNT and NR.

The list will presumably be updated every year. Changes, corrections and additions should therefore be handed in immediately.

Should we not hear from you over a long period of time, please get in touch and we will gladly keep you on the list.

May you do well!